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2019-2020 Tryout Schedule

Player Evaluation and Criteria for 2019-20

Group designations are designated below, but remain fluid all week.

Monday 11/11 

  • Group 1; 300-400pm (Pagel1); 415-515pm Sport Performance (PAC). Returning Varsity & JV
  • Group 2; 415-515pm (Pagel1); 530-630pm Sport Performance (PAC). Returning JR-Gold, Sophomores, & Freshman

Tuesday 11/12

  • Group 1; 300-430pm; 430-515pm (Pagel1) Returning Varsity & JV
  • Group 2; 300-400pm; 415-515pm (Pagel2)  Returning JR-Gold; Sophomores, & Freshman
  • Designation Letter #1; Individual Meetings TBD; 530-630pm

Wednesday 11/13

  • Designated players scheduled:
    • Early Release 210pm, with Bus Departure at 225pm
    • JV Scrimmage vs Benilde (SLP) 330-430pm  return at 500pm
    • Varsity 
      • Scrimmage vs Benilde (SLP) 430-530pm 
      • Scrimmage vs Andover (SLP) 545-645pm return at 700pm
    • Practice 430-530pm (Pagel2) TBD

Thursday 11/14

  • Varsity
    • ​​​​​​​Practice 300-400pm (Pagel1)
    • 4:30-5:30pm (Pagel2) 
  • JV Practice 415-515pm (Pagel1) 
  • Individual Meetings TBD; 530-630pm

Friday 11/15

  • Varsity Practice 300-500pm (Pagel2)  
  • JV Practice 300-430pm (Pagel1) 
  • JV Practice 345-515pm (Minnetonka-B) 
  • Individual Meetings TBD; 530-630pm

Saturday 11/16

  • Varsity Scrimmage vs Edina 1030am - 130pm (Braemar) 
    • *Bus departs at 915am and returns at 200pm
    • *Individual Meetings TBD
  • JV Scrimmage vs Edina 845-1015am (Pagel) TBD 
    • *Individual Meetings TBD
  • JVScrimmage vs Chanhassen 1030-1130am (Victoria West) TBD 
    • *Bus departs at 915am and returns at 1200pm
  • Designation Letter #3; Individual Meetings TBD
  • The coaching staff will do all the evaluations. 
  • Players will be told of their status in either a meeting or personal letter with a requested meeting TBD. 
  • Roster selections can occur Tuesday through Saturday during tryout week.
  • Final team selection will occur Saturday after the final scrimmage. 

Criteria used by coaching staff to evaluate players:

  • Stickhandling
  • Passing
  • Shooting
  • Skating
  • Work ethic
  • Strength & Endurance
  • Hockey knowledge
  • Attitude & Citizenship



Team Rules

  • Show up to all team events on time
  • If a player is unable to attend a team event he must contact head coach before noon on day of event.  If a player has an unexcused absence the player will be subject to disciplinary action
  • No necklaces or earrings will be worn during practice (on and off ice)
  • No initiations
  • Follow dress code for home away and games.  Dress code will be determined before game by coaches and players


  • Minnesota State High School League policies will be enforced during the year.  A player who is ineligible will be able to practice with team, but will not participate in games until the penalty is served.  
  • Players must be passing 5 subjects per quarter 
  • Players must attend 3 hours of school to compete in practices or games

Parent Expectations

  • If parent has any questions, problems, or concerns regarding their sons well being please contact head coach
  • Coaches will not take any calls regarding hockey topics (i.e. player’s ice time and system’s being run)
  • If there is a concern about ice time or team role, the player is responsible to contact coaching staff to discuss issue

Lettering Criteria

Varsity letters are awarded to players who have averaged at least one period per varsity game and/or were on the section playoff roster


Please be respectful of the players and coaches during this time. Our focus will be on the players and making proper evaluations.

Thank you,

Coach Goldsworthy